The first Dental program started in September 1998 where dentists assessed patients’ dental needs at CCMC then treated them later in their own office. This program was terminated in 2000 due to the challenges that prevailed when we had to rely on the patient to make another trip for treatment.

A Dental program began again in 2004, with some adjustments. We applied for and were awarded a grant from A-dec which provided new equipment for two operatories (dental chairs/stations). Then, a Delta Dental Grant provided the necessary equipment and supplies for start-up. Installation for operatories was donated by Patterson Dental Supply company volunteers working with local plumbing and electrical contractors.


CCMC was recognized at the annual meeting of the Arkansas State Dental Association on April 5th 2013 with a Pierre Fauchard Award. This award is presented to honor leaders in the field for contributions to dentistry. CCMC offers dental care to its patient base which consists of Hot Springs residents that are medically uninsured and are unable to afford to purchase medical insurance.