The Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World  December graduating Class had their Commencement program December 10, 2015 in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Dr. John S. McCalum, III – Pastor of First Baptist Church welcomed the GA graduates and family and friends and provided the invocation.


Dian Glover provided special music for the occasion.


The graduates were attentive to the music and messages provided.

CCMC_GA_12-10-15_033 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_035

Introductions and  a warm welcome was provided  by Dr. John Wayne Smith, Chairman of the CCMC Board of Directors


Jill Johnson, GA Program Coordinator, provided a formal Recommendation of the Graduates.


Dr. Mike Prince, Facilitator, assisted by Lynn Blankenship, Executive Director of CCMC, presented Diplomas to the Graduates.

Pictured here receiving her diploma is Ms. Gwen Batchelor.


Several students gave prepared remarks: Gwen Batchelor, Yolanda Blevins, Alyssa Caldwell, Traci Hicks, Samantha Hopper, Candace Lovell, Celia Stratton, Kelly Thompson


CCMC_GA_12-10-15_079 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_081 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_084 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_089 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_097 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_117 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_107 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_100

Dr. Mike Prince, Pastor of the Garage Church in Hot Springs provided the Benediction.


The graduates then marched out from the hall…

CCMC_GA_12-10-15_137 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_146

A time of celebration complete with a cake and a wonderful meal followed. The staff and volunteers of First Baptist Church of Hot Springs “went the extra mile.”

CCMC_GA_12-10-15_193CCMC_GA_12-10-15_177 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_176 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_173 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_170 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_165 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_163 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_195 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_204 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_208 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_156 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_158 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_161 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_186 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_184 CCMC_GA_12-10-15_182