The Medical Division

… will continue to provide free medical care and medications to the uninsured; dental and vision service to the underinsured; other services. 
Applicants must meet income guidelines, medically uninsured or under-insured. Prospective patients will be required to fill out an application, bring in required documents and be interviewed by Admissions. Ongoing patients will be required to renew their applications annually. After patients become insured, they will be reassessed.
In addition to routine medical treatment by the staff, services that are not are available from the Clinic for diagnostic evaluations may be available from local providers when recommended by the Clinic.
The following services are available from the clinic:
• Medical evaluation and treatment
• Prescription medication from the Clinic Pharmacy
• Dental care
• Vision Care
• Dietitian Assistance
• Healthy Living Education


Staff and volunteer physicians provide medical services to CCMC patients. There are patients seen in the day clinic by appointment. These are generally patients with a chronic medical problem like diabetes. Meanwhile, evening clinics are held monthly on the second Tuesday for general medical, women’s health, dental and vision care. An integral part of the clinic is spiritual counseling, which is available if requested by the patient.

Here are a few of the staff & volunteer physicians.


From left to right: Dr. Martin Koehn, Dr. John Crenshaw and Dr.John W. Smith– the founder and current medical director of CCMC. “

In the photos, below, Dr. Jack” (Sternberg) is standing in the hallway of the clinic. Sharon Morel, RN, MSN teaching patient and family about home- care procedures with items provided by the clinic.

CCMC_6-12-12am_016 CCMC_6-12-12am_014



Rita Monsen,DSN,MPH, RN, FAAN assisting one of the patients during a clinic visit.


Heather Henry, RN, Pam Howlett, APRN, Carolyn Stokes, clerk and Anita Gotliab, APRN staff the CCMC Women’s Health Services during night clinics.