Lyle Reininger welcomes and helps organize CCMC patients to an evening clinic.

Registrar, Bob Gregg, helps to enroll a patient into the CCMC system.


Dr. Jack Sternberg examining a patient.

Specialist (neurology) Dr. Ross Sedler examines CCMC patient.


CCMC patient thanks Dr. John Crenshaw for helping her. She recently became eligible for medical insurance and was leaving the clinic.


Joyce Parrish, RN consulting with Nancy Rogers, volunteer chaplain.


(L to R) Janie Woods, Nancy Reininger, Linda Morrison,Sister Dorothy Calhoun, James Woods working in patient records, appointment area during evening clinic event.
Ann Gibson, RN reviews medical instructions with patient.


Tina Lynn and Jan Bryant obtaining lab specimen (blood draw) with CCMC  patient.

Mandy Noga assisting CCMC patient with checkout from pharmacy.


Judy Crawford, RN helps patient check out from clinic after seeing physician during evening clinic.