Helping Under-Resourced Members of our Community Move from Poverty to Self-Sufficiency.

Advocacy Services

Our Advocacy Services Coordinator assists people who are facing adverse or de-stabilizing circumstances to help them access vital resources and services. People facing an urgent crisis often have no idea where to turn for help. Our Advocacy Services Coordinator meets with them, assesses the situation, and refers them to partner agencies, organizations, and services that can assist in providing relief, if there are available resources. Depending on the circumstances, our Coordinator will help clients to set goals, work on assignments, determine what the next steps will be, and schedule follow-up appointments to check on the progress being made.

Our ability to advocate and assist is based on resources available. If there are no resources, then assistance will not be possible.



Our Advocacy Services are available by appointment only.  

All clients who enter our building must wear a face mask and be screened. Appointments can be made by calling 501-318-1153 and asking for an appointment with our Advocacy Services Coordinator. 

Poverty reduction is a top priority for CCMC. Our Bridge to Hope initiative is the framework for our programs that address the core issues of poverty in our community. This is a movement that focuses on creating sustainability for individuals, families, and community by developing an environment where we can all live with adequate physical, social, and spiritual resources.

Recognizing that poverty is the consistent concern of those who utilize our clinic and case management services, CCMC brought Bridges Out of Poverty to Hot Springs. This framework helps all sectors of our community learn new ways of addressing chronic poverty.  Through our programs, we empower under-resourced individuals to move from poverty to self-sufficiency and greater stability; educate our community on the issues of poverty; train and engage all community sectors; and equip and collaborate with various sectors to create a sustainable community.

For more information on training and presentations, click here.  For information about Getting Ahead Classes, click here. 



  • Tired of struggling to make ends meet?
  • Feel like the system is setting you up to fail?
  • Ready to get ahead instead of just get by?
  • Want to learn about resources that could change your future?
  • Do you care about others who suffer in our community, but don’t know what you can do about it?

Getting Ahead is a free step-by-step class to help you discover what keeps you stuck and then helps you to figure out a plan to create a more stable life and future for yourself and your family.

The first step is to contact our Getting Ahead Coordinator. You will complete an application, meet with our Getting Ahead staff and learn more about upcoming class schedules. In Getting Ahead, you will participate in 14 weekly classes that include a free meal and a gift card for each session you attend.

Classes are held at various locations throughout the year. At the conclusion of each class’ semester, there will be a graduation ceremony to recognize your hard work and celebrate your accomplishments.

Once you graduate, CCMC helps you keep on track with our Staying Ahead program meant to give you encouragement, fellowship, and share community information, such as job postings and other opportunities.

Contact CCMC’s Getting Ahead Coordinator for more information by calling 501-318-1153 x303 or click here to email.

Click Here to download a Getting Ahead Application.

Watch the video to see how three generations of one family have stability thanks to Getting Ahead.

Here’s what you can expect from Getting Ahead:

  • Learn to build relationships that will help you succeed
  • Learn that money is only 1 of 11 resources that can keep you stuck
  • Become an investigator of your own life
  • Develop a workable plan to move forward that is unique to you
  • Discover how conditions in your community impact you and your family
  • Learn to recognize and understand the “hidden rules” to help you get ahead
  • Gain skills that will give you confidence for greater success
  • Move beyond wanting change to actually making real change happen for yourself and your family

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